Featured Songs

Drowned World

Song:  Drowned World/Substitute for Love
Songwriters: Rod McKuen, Madonna, William Orbit, Anita Kerr, David Collins
Recording Artist: Madonna
Date Recorded: 1998
Album: Ray of Light



Song:  In Trance
Songwriters: Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker
Recording Artist: The Scorpions
Date Recorded: 1975
Album: In Trance


link wray album

Song: Rumble
Songwriter(s): Mark Grant / Link Wray
Recording Artist: Link Wray
Date Recorded: April 1958
Album: 1960: Link Wray and the Wraymen


pump boys and dinettes

Song: Catfish
Songwriter(s): Jim Wann/Bland Simpson
Recording Artist: Jim Wann
Date Recorded: 1982
Album: Pump Boys And Dinettes—Original Cast Album



Song:  I Want You With Me
Songwriters: Woody Harris
Recording Artist: Elvis Presley
Date Recorded: 1961
Album: Something For Everybody



Song:  Kurski Funk
Songwriters: Paul Winter/Oscar Castro-Neves/PaulHalley
Recording Artist: The Paul Winter Consort with TheDimitri Pokrovsky Singers
Date Recorded: March – June, 1987
Album: Earthbeat


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